Suez Canal University teaching hospitals Elective Training

• How does it work?

< !--[if !supportLists]-->§  < !--[endif]-->The Elective training program period is between four to eight weeks according to the incoming student’s well, in which the student is placed in a students’ hostel or apartment according to various conditions which are the incoming students’ number, duration of the course and safety measures.


< !--[if !supportLists]-->§  < !--[endif]-->The scientific course is exceptionally unique as it is based mainly in motivating  the student to learn different medical situations via problem-based learning as the student is handled a medical case “problem” and the student is expected to cover all the learning objectives within the problem during each week by attending lectures, out-clinics and the hospital.


< !--[if !supportLists]-->§  < !--[endif]-->Moreover, the student is free to attend the clinic of the desired department whenever he/ she desires under the tutor’s supervision ,this will help him to solve the problem on a  medical scientific background base and on the clinical base where he reads about the problem and apply what he read and relate it Clinically.


< !--[if !supportLists]-->§  < !--[endif]-->The course is conducted in English and consists of interactive lectures, discussions and individual or group assignments.


 §  Study materials comprise lectures, illustrations, discussions, visualizations (video), list of key books and articles, electronic learning including discussion board, links and websites and individual assignments, such as interview or essay assignments as interview or essay assignments



• Who can share?

Medical Students and postgraduates


• When?

Elective trainings are available through the whole year


• Program :

A-Clerkship in the form of Round/s according to the desired department/s:


•          Internal Medicine
•          Surgery
•          ORTHOPEDICS
•          ENT
•          PEDIATRICS
•          Emergency
•          Cardiology-Internal medicine






• Language

Participating students must be fluent in English or Arabic.


• Certificate:

Credits for the course are assessed on the basis of attendance and participation. All participants completing the course receive a certificate of attendance included in fees.


• Fees?

For the whole 4 weeks course: 300 EUR
And for 8 weeks course: 550 EUR


• Covering:

1) Tuition fees.
2) Accommodation.
3) Boarding “2 meals / day”.
4) Social program in Ismailia.


Please note that SCMSA also organizes external social program outside Ismailia but it is an optional item in the course and is paid by the student according to the program he/she desires.


for more Info on fees and payments click here




you can fill the application and apply here





• SCMSA Electives coordinators

Ahmed Awad
Cellular: 002 011 10985833
Email on yahoo: awadahmad91

Mina M.Sedhom
Cellular: 002 0122 1018631
Email on yahoo : dr.mina_munir