- Do u know that Egypt have the highest prevalence for hepatitis viruses which is reported as 18% of Egyptians according to UN reports?! That put Egypt in the 1st place among countries for prevalence of hepatitis worldwide

- Do you know that Hepatitis B, C associated with major complications as liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma? 

- Do you know that hepatitis C is the major cause of HCC in Egypt and most cases underwent liver transplantation have HCV?

- Do you know that although facilities provided by blood bank centers for HBV, HCV screening in Egypt, the prevalence is growing?! With about 12 millions of Egyptians get infected with HBV, HCV?



As SCOPHians, our main mission is promotion of public health challenges in Egypt and increase awareness of public towards this health issues for prevention and control 

So, SCMSA –SCOPH is honored to launch one of its biggest campaigns under theme “Safe liver” , this campaign include :

1-Vaccination against hepatitis B virus for medical and paramedical 
and infection control “needle stick injury “ conference 

2- Scientific conference about "Hepatitis and the most recent discovered treatments"

3- Awareness Campaigns for increase knowledge about prevention of Hepatitis infections 

So, it is really our utter pride to open call for Vaccination campaign for medical and paramedicals in collaboration with VACCERA Company, For 3 doses, this all cost 40 L.E 
Registration is open till 22th February 2014 
All applicants will receive message about exact time of 1st dose on their phones 
Follow us for updates in this event or our SCMSA fan page:

For registration please contact:
Local coordinator /Ahmed Mohamed Abo elkhier 
Local Public Health Officer / Esraa Khaled