Suez Canal Medical Students' Association "SCMSA"

Full member In IFMSA-Egypt which is a full member in The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA)


SCMSA STRIKES AGAIN. Fasten your seat-belts because, as usual, SCMSA is about to blow your minds. 
Get ready for one of the most overwhelmingly impressive (and very unique) recruitment campaigns.


Suez Canal University Medical Students association (SCMSA) always promises the best. And SCMSA keeps her promises.
Meet us on Wednesday and Thursday to get knows us better. We'll introduce you to our diverse committees and provide a full description on our activities. You'll have a whole wide world of horizons you can dive into. And we'll help you choose what fits you best according to your interests and beliefs: starting from whether you wanna travel the world to spreading awareness about community-based problems.

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